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About this site

Something In Common and Tell Me Something I Don't Know are brought to you by the Australian Human Rights Commission

We all want freedom, respect, equality and belonging. These are just some things we all have in common. These websites look at current human rights issues from shared experiences.  Taking a closer look at some of the important human rights issues facing Australians today, the websites start with the fact, dig deeper into current affairs and history and inspire action by bringing personal stories from people just like you.

Human rights are about everyone, everywhere, everyday. They are about you, the people you know and the people you care about. Something In Common spotlights actions that can help make a big difference. 

We hope that you find the information on these sites informative, engaging and relevant. We encourage you to look around  and start conversations about human rights. We would love it if you use the sites to comment, upload your own personal stories and human rights film reviews, and share these sites with your friends and family. 

We know that people love answering polls and we look forward to hearing your views on our weekly poll. But we should make a disclaimer. Ours polls are not scientific and only reflect the opinions of people who have chosen to participate.


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